A lady who proved the earth was flat and two who circumnavigated it! • a gardener with terrapins in her bra • a white woman who led a protest march of twenty thousand black Africans • a female colonel who married a woman • the inventor of the A-Z • a Gaiety Girl who became an MP • a survivor of the Titanic disaster • a woman who climbed and perished on K2 • an heiress who gave away £12million • the first female doctor, surgeon, prison governor, prison inspector, ordained minister • the founders of the Women's Police Service; Girton College; Norland nannies • suffragettes who torched an MP's house, sailed over Westminster in a balloon; died for the cause • the first female pilot to fly Halifax bombers • the wealthiest prostitute in London • the first celebrity ballroom dancer; the first TV chef • a double bigamist • the first Englishwoman to swim the Channel • a rally driver who beat Stirling Moss • a beautiful actress from whose slipper men drank champagne • the pioneer of allotments • The Lady of the Nuggets; the Queen of Chess; the Silver Lady; the Queen of the Witches • a harpsichordist with a ménage à cinq • writers of books deemed 'obscene' and 'grossly immoral' • the richest working woman in the world • an instigator of a hundred court cases • the photographer who was a Russian spy • Siamese Twin entertainers • a secretary to six British Prime Ministers • Jim's Wife - who was married to Clement • a competitor in thirteen Wimbledon finals • a countess who founded sixty chapels • a nun who secretly designed Royal Doulton china • a titled lady who bred silkworms • the first heroines to receive the Military Medal and Lloyd's Medal for Bravery at Sea.

The women

Abram, Annie
Acton, Eliza
Aiken, Joan
Aiken, Mary
Alcock, Vivien
Allan, Elizabeth
Allen, Mary
Amelia, HRH Princess
Anderson Frances
Anderson, Jean
Angell, Helen Cordelia
Angus, Peggy
Appleton, Honor
Arncliffe-Sennett, Maud
Ash, Maie
Ashby, Dame Margery Corbett
Ashford, Daisy
Askey, Anthea
Asquith, Lady Cynthia
Atkins, Vera
Attwell, Mabel Lucie
Aylward, Florence
Ayrton, Hertha
Bagnold, Enid
Bagot, Lady
Bailey, Mary Barbara
Baird, Edith
Baird, Lilian
Baker, Marjorie
Bannerman, Kay
Barber, Margaret Fairless
Barge, Gillian
Barker, Cicely
Barker, Mary
Barker, Valerie
Barnett, Dame Henrietta
Barrett, Rachel
Bath, Countess of
Batten, Mollie
Baxter, Betty
Baxter, Lizzie
Bayly, Ada
Beatrice, HRH Princess
Beck, Edith
Beck, Ellen
Beckett, Fanny
Bell, Vanessa
Bennett, Anna
Bennett, Jane
Bentley, Hendrina
Benzie, Isa
Besant, Annie
Best, Edna
Betham-Edwards, M
Betts, Annie
Binder, Pearl
Bird, Ruth
Black, Clementina
Blackburn, Jessy
Blackwell, Elizabeth
Blake, Catherine
Blunt, Lady Anne
Bodichon, Barbara Leigh
Bond, Jessie
Bondfield, Margaret
Bonnell, Sadie
Bonner, Hypatia
Boothby, Louisa
Bowerman, Elsie
Boyle, Eleanor
Boyle, Helen
Brackenbury Hannah
Braddon, Mary
Braden, Nora
Braid, Hilda
Brassey, Annie
Brassey, Sybil
Brigden, Zoë
Brilliant, Fredda
Brooking, Dorothea
Broster, D. K.
Brown, Dame Beryl
Bruce, Mary
Bryer, Rose
Buckley, Arabella
Buckley, Dame Ruth
Burges, Caroline
Butt, Dame Clara
Buxton, Dame Mildred
Byng-Stamper, Frances
Byron, Lady
Cameron, Violet
Campbell, Dame Janet
Capper, Mabel
Carlyle, Florence
Carson, Emily
Carter, Angela
Cartwright, Frances
Chamot, Mary
Chart, Ellen Nye
Cheshire, Dame Mary
Clarke, Anna
Clement-Jones, Vicky
Clewes, Dorothy
Coates, Edith
Cobden Sanderson, Anne
Cogan, Alma
Cohen, Elsie
Cohen, Julia
Coleridge-Taylor, Avril
Collcutt, Grace
Collier, Mary
Collins, Dolly
Coltman, Constance
Colvin, Dame Mary
Compton, Fay
Compton-Burnett, Dame Ivy
Connelly, Cornelia
Conolly, Lady Louisa
Constanduros, Mabel
Conti, Italia
Cook, Eliza
Cookson, Dame Catherine
Cooper, Joan
Cooper, Joyce
Cooper, Lady Diana
Copeland, Ida
Corbaux, Marie
Corbett, Marie
Cornforth, Fanny
Cornwell, Alice
Costa, Margaret
Costello, Louisa
Coules, Mary
Cowdray, Annie
Cowdroy, Charlotte
Cox, Constance
Crabbe, Pauline
Cradock, Fanny
Creak, Edith
Crisp, Dorothy
Cropper, Anna
Crouch, Anna
Croudace, Camilla
Cumming, Primrose
Cunliffe, Mitzi
Currie, Mary [Violet Fane]
Curtis, Dame Myra
Damm, Sheila van
Dane, Clemence
Dannemann, Monika
Dare, Phyllis
David, Elizabeth
Davids, C.A.F.
Davies, Emily
Davies, Marjorie
Davies, Olwen Bowen
Davies-Colley, Eleanor
Davies-Colley, Margaret
Davison, Emily W.
Dawson, Margaret Damer
de Banzie, Brenda
de Fonblanque, Florence
Deane, Edna
Dehn, Olive
Delafield, E. M.
Denington, Baroness Evelyn
Denman, Gertrude
Dick, Kay
Dickinson, Maud
Dillon, Carmen
Dillon, Una
Dodge, Mary
Dors, Diana
Dorset, Catherine
Douglas, Jo
Dowding, Muriel
Dowson, Mary
Doyle, Dame Jean
Drummond, Victoria
Dudeney, Alice
Dunne, Mary
Durham, Frances
Eardley, Joan
Ebsworth, Dame Ann
Edwards, Monica
Elliott, Charlotte
Elliott, Janice
Elwood, Ann
Emery, Winifred
Emmet, Baroness
Esdaile, Katherine
Evans, Margiad
Eyre, Marjorie
Farjeon, Eleanor
Farrell, Kathleen
Field, Mary
Fields, Dame Gracie
Fiennes, Ginny
Fiennes, Jini
Finlay-Johnson, Harriet
Finnis, Valerie
Fisher, Cicely Corbett
Fitzherbert, Maria
Flatman, Ada
Fletcher-Moulton, Sylvia
Flower, Eliza
Forde, Florrie
Fox, Angela
Fox, Dame Evelyn
Francis, Ann
Franklin, Lilian
Freeman, Flora
Fremantle, Anne
Frere, Mary
Frost, Eunice
Froud, Ethel
Fullerton, Lady Georgiana
Fullerton, Mary
Gadd, Renee
Gammans, Annie
Garnett, Constance
Garnett, Eve
Garrett, Agnes
Garrett, Rhoda
Garson, Mary
George, Muriel
Gibbs, Maria
Giberne, Agnes
Gilbert, Mary Ann
Gilbert, Olive
Gildersleeve, Virginia
Ginesi, Edna
Gipps, Ruth
Gleitze, Mercedes
Glyn, Elinor
Godden, Rumer
Godwin, Fay
Goffin, Cora
Goldie, Grace
Goldsmid, Louisa
Goodbody, Buzz
Goodman, Julia
Gordon, Mary
Gore, Margot
Gostling, Frances
Grace, Harriette
Gregg, Hilda
Gregory, Alice
Grice-Hutchinson, Marjorie
Guthrie, Kathleen
Gwilliam, Freda
Gwynne-Vaughan, Dame Helen
Hadland, Selina
Haigh, Emily
Hale, Binnie
Hale, Cicely
Hall, Marguerite Radclyffe
Hammond, Gertrude
Harper, Allanah
Harrison, Annie Fortescue
Harrison, Isabella Darent
Hart, Edith Tudor
Harvey, Kate
Harvey, Rosalie
Harvie-Anderson, Betty
Harwood, Isabella
Haslett, Dame Caroline
Hay, Mary Cecil
Haydon, Florence
Heald, Nora
Hengler, Jenny
Herbert, Louisa
Herringham, Christiana
Hessel, Phoebe
Heyer, Georgette
Hicks, Joyce
Higginson, Eleanor
Hiller, Dame Wendy
Hillyard, Blanche
Hilton, Daisy
Hilton, Marie
Hilton, Violet
Hodgson, Geraldine
Hoggan, Frances
Hollond, Ellen
Holmes-Siedle, Rosa
Hopkins, Ellice
Hornby, Mary Louisa
Horsfield, Agnes
Howard, Elizabeth
Howard-Gibbon, Amelia
Howells, Ursula
Howitt, Mary
Hubbard, Louisa
Hughes, Alice
Huntingdon, Countess of
Hutchins, Bessie
Impey, Mary
Inglesby, Mona
Ingpen, Joan
Irving, Ethel
Ison, Leonora
Jackson, Ada
James, Cornelia
Jameson, Anna
Janes, Emily
Jennings, Gertrude
Jex-Blake, Katherine
Jex-Blake, Sophia
Johnstone, Hilda
Jones, Mabel
Joseph, Helen
Kahan, Barbara
Kaye, Carol
Kaye, M. M.
Kaye-Smith, Sheila
Keary, Annie
Keevil, Gladice
Kelly, Fanny
Kenealy, Annesley
Kenealy, Arabella
Kent, Elizabeth
Kimmins, Dame Grace
Kingsford, Anna
Kinsley, Joy
Lamb, Winifred
Lancaster, Eva
Lanchester, Edith
Lane, Grace
Lane-Claypon, Janet
Lawrence, Dorothy
Lawrence, Millicent
Lawrence, Penelope
Lawrenson, Mary Ann
Layton, Dorothy
Leigh, Vivien
Leighton, Clare
Leighton, Margaret
Leinster, Duchess of (Emily)
Leinster, Duchess of (Vivien)
Leslie, Doris
Lessore, Therese
Levy, Amy
Leyel, Hilda
Lidiard, Victoria
Lister, Eve
Littler, Blanche
Löhr Marie
Lomax, Emma
Longford, Elizabeth
Lonsdale, Dame Kathleen
Lopokova, Lydia
Lord, Henrietta
Lowndes, Marie Belloc
Lucas, Caroline
Lupino, Ida
Lynch, Theodora
Macfarlane, Susan
Macpherson, Annie
Mairet, Ethel
Mantell, Mary Ann
Manton, Jo
Marion, Kitty
Marryatt, Florence
Martindale, L. (Mrs)
Martindale, H.
Martindale, L. (Dr)
Mason, Agnes
Mason, Charlotte
Masson, Madeleine
Matheson, Hilda
Matters-Porter, Muriel
Maude, Joan
Maxse, Dame Marjorie
Mayne, Olga
McCall, Annie
McCall, Rosemary
McCarthy, Lily Lambert
McCartney, Linda
McDougall, Grace
Mclennan, Margo
Melhuish, Sarah
Mellon, Harriot
Menges, Isolde
Menges, Katherine
Merrifield, Mary
Meynell, Alice
Meynell, Esther
Meynell, Viola
Mildmay, Audrey
Miller, Florence
Miller, Lee
Miller, Ruby
Mills, Lady Dorothy
Moir, Margaret
Montefiore, Dora
Moore, Decima
Moore, Eva
Moore, Jessie
Mordan, Clara
Morgan, Gladys
Morgan, Gwenda
Morrison, Frances
Morten, Violet Honor
Mould, Elizabeth
Muggeridge, Kitty
Muir, Willa
Mukle, May
Mullins, Gwen
Murray, Hilda
Murray, K.M. Elisabeth
Muspratt, Helen
Musson, Dame Ellen
Mutrie, Annie
Nagle, Florence
Neagle, Dame Anna
Neal, Mary
Neale, Elizabeth
Needham, Violet
Nesbit, Edith
Nevill, Lady Dorothy
Newmarch, Rosa
Nicks, Jennifer
Noakes, Daisy
Norfolk, Duchess of
Normanton, Helena
North, Katherine
North, Marianne
O'Keeffe, Adelaide
Owen, Rosamund Dale
Oxenham, Elsie
Paget, Dame Rosalind
Pannett, Juliet
Panter-Downes, Molly
Parkes, Bessie Rayner
Patterson, Sheila
Patton-Bethune, Florence
Peacock, Elizabeth
Pearsall, Phyllis
Peck, Winifred
Pemberton, Muriel
Penson, Dame Lillian
Pery, Dame Angela
Petre, Diana
Petre, Maude
Philipson, Mabel
Phillips, Mary
Phipps. Emily
Pickard-Smith, Kathleen
Piozzi, Hester
Plesch, Honoria
Polini, Emélie
Poole, Sophia Lane
Porter, Annie
Poulton, Diana
Powell, Erica
Powell, Margaret
Powell, Muriel
Powys-Lybbe, Ursula
Pragnell, Valerie
Pragnell, Vera
Pratt, Anne
Price, Nancy
Priestley, Eliza
Pugh, Mavis
Pye, Brenda
Quennel, Joan
Randolph, Elsie
Reckitt, Eva Collet
Redmond, Moira
Rennie, Belle
Rhondda, Sybil, Viscountess
Richards, Audrey
Richardson, Dorothy
Richardson, Ethel
Richardson, Mary
Rivett-Drake, Dame Jean
Rivière, Joan
Robins, Elizabeth
Robinson, Sarah
Robson, Dame Flora
Roddick, Dame Anita
Rogers, Sunny
Rose-Innes, Jasmine
Rowden, Diana
Rowlands, Patsy
Rutherford, Dame Margaret
Sackville, Lady Margaret
Sackville, Lady Muriel
Salt, Dame Barbara
Saunders, Edith
Scarborough, Ethel
Sedgwick, Amy
Settle, Alison
Sewell, Anna
Sewell, Mary
Shackleton, Edith
Sheail, Nellie
Shelton, Anne
Sheridan, Clare
Sieveking, Isabel
Smiley, Lavinia
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Hannah Whitall
Solomon, Georgiana
Spurgeon, Caroline
Stanley-Wrench, Mollie
Stitch, Wilhelmina
Stone, Elizabeth
Stone, Jean
Stopes, Charlotte
Strachey, Ray
Streatfeild, Noel
Strong, Patience
Sutcliff, Rosemary
Sykes, Ethel
Talbot, Dame Meriel
Taylor, Charity
Taylor, Clementia
Taylor, Margaret
Temple, Joan
Terry, Dame Ellen
Tetzel, Joan
Thompson, Dorothy
Thorne, Isabel
Thornton, Edna
Tilley, Vesta
Tiltman, Marjorie
Todd, Margaret
Troubridge, Una
Tryon, Lady Dreda
Tullis, Julie
Turner, Dame Margot
Turner, Minnie
Turner, Winnie
Tutin, Dame Dorothy
Underhill, F.O.
Unwin, Jane Cobden
Valiente, Doreen
Verrall, Margaret
Vyner, Margaret
Walker, Sheila
Ward, Barbara
Ward, Emily
Wardroper, Sarah
Waters, Doris
Waters, Elsie
Watson, Edith M. Miss
Watson, Edith M. Mrs
Webb, Mary
Wedgwood, Dame Veronica
Weldon, Georgina
Wellesley, Dorothy
Wentworth, Baroness
Wertheim, Lucy
Westbury, Marjorie
Whistler, Anna
White, Amber Blanco
White, Antonia
White, Beatrice
Wilberforce, Octavia
Wilkinson, Dame Louisa
Willard, Barbara
Willis, Olive
Wilson, Enid
Wolpe, Margaret
Wolseley, Viscountess
Wood, Anne
Woodhead, Grace Eyre
Woodhouse, Violet Gordon
Woolf, Virginia
Wyndham, Ursula
Wynne-Tyson, Esmé
Yavorska, Lydia
Yeldham, Florence
Young, Monica
Zangwill, Edith
Zimmermann, Agnes